Storytelling for Non-Fiction Authors

Learn to Write Captivating, Emotion-Invoking Stories that Keep Your Reader Turning Pages and Get Your Message Across

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What if you never had to wonder “Am I getting my message across? Am I BORING?” in your writing again?

What if you never needed to struggle with getting your point across – without being dry, pedantic, or too preach-y or feeling like you’re giving a lecture?

After all, you’re not writing your book to dictate to your reader what they need to do; you’re writing to help them, to share your message, to show your heart and your kindness… AND to help your reader have a powerful, long-lasting transformation in their life.

With my all-new 5-part course, “Storytelling for Non-Fiction Authors” you’ll learn how to write stories that will have your readers not just learning your process, system, or method but remembering the steps and when to use them. And, your reader will know that you care, can feel your love for them, and will remember what you’ve taught them.

No acronym can do that!

  • Do you want to write a book that people will talk about – and share?
  • You want to get great reviews on Amazon – but maybe you’re worried that your writing is too dry, factual, or… dare I say it… boring?
  • You know your process, system, or method can change lives – but you’ve got a sinking suspicion that your current clients aren’t using it to its full potential. Why?
  • Do you want someone to fall so in love with you from reading your book that they join your mailing list, follow you on social media, and become your client?

What if that is all possible?

You can have a book that gets rave reviews, turns readers into clients, shares your message, AND helps people.
In order to do that though… people have to keep turning pages. The book can’t be dry, boring, or feel like they are being lectured to!

And there IS a key to having your book do everything you want it to do – through storytelling.

That’s exactly why I created Storytelling for Non-Fiction Authors: Learn to Write Captivating, Emotion-Invoking Stories that Keep Your Reader Turning Pages and Get Your Message Across.

In just five classes, you’ll learn how to pick the stories you should tell, how to tell them in a way that makes your reader FEEL (but without ever coming off like a hot mess yourself!), and know that your readers will be able to remember what you’re teaching them.

Live Classes Start November 8 Buy Now - $997

  • Learn how to craft compelling stories that will have your readers’ emotions change – without needing to be laugh-out-loud funny OR so dark that they are crying.
  • Know when to use a story and when a summary or teaching point is better.
  • How to tell your own personal stories to show your journey and in a way that still creates credibility and authority.
  • Why stories are more effective than an acronym and how to use your named system, process, or method and stories to facilitate more learning in your reader.

Right now, you’re struggling to write your book. You know you have an important message to share and a system that works to get results in your clients and yet…

The book is just missing something.

There’s something that isn’t translating from your heart to the page. And you don’t know what it is but you know that THIS isn’t quite the book you want to write.

Imagine if:

  • You could write with confidence – knowing that your words were going to sink into the reader’s heart and they could feel how much you care about them.
  • Your book not only changes the life of your reader, she loved it so much she bought a copy for her friend.
  • Know that your book, your message, will be remembered and USED by the reader – her life will actually be improved for the better.

All of this happens when you learn how and when to incorporate storytelling into your non-fiction book.
After all – non-fiction doesn’t mean BORING! It doesn’t mean dry, academic, hard-to-read, or that it needs to take a ton of effort to read (or write!)

Because you want to help your reader – and she wants to be helped! The way that happens is when you, the author, tells stories.

I believe that EVERYONE can learn to tell emotion-invoking stories in their writing – no Creative Writing degree needed.
It starts when you enroll in Storytelling for Non-Fiction Authors: Learn to Write Captivating, Emotion-Invoking Stories that Keep Your Reader Turning Pages and Get Your Message Across.


“I used to tell people the story of Jerry's liver transplant. How we got The Call in the middle of our move, how his liver attacked him and he almost died, and how I cared for him over his cancer journey which has spanned over a decade. People were enthralled. I realized there weren't a lot of caregiving stories out there and I decided I was going to write mine.

I wrote the book twice and while the order of the words varied slightly, it read like this:

Then we did this.... Then we went there... Then he said this.... Then I did that....

Which led to:

You should do this... You should do that... You should say this... You will want that...

After learning storytelling with Kim, I figured out how to share my message in a way that a reader can understand -- that makes them laugh and cry, without sounding like a grocery list!”


Hi, I’m Kim Eldredge.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author (many times over), author of over 20 books, and I have a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. I’ve helped hundreds of authors to FINALLY write their books – you’re next.

Now, one of my titles is “Story Pathfinder” because I help YOU uncover the stories that you’re meant to tell in your book. I believe deeply that story is the key to learning. Let me share…

When I was in high school, my parents decided that they didn’t like my attitude. I was, frankly, turning into a jerk. So they confiscated ALL my recreational reading books and gave me… “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.
For a girl who was reading 4 or 5 novels a WEEK, having all that reading time taken away so I could read an OLD book was… infuriating. I yelled, they yelled, words were said, and at the end of the fight…

I had to read that book – or never get MY books back again.

Now you’ve got to understand, I LOVE to read. Give me a page with words on it and I just can’t help myself. But give me an ASSIGNMENT? I’ll dig my heels in every time.

I didn’t WANT to read that book. But I HAD to.

Yet, somewhere along the line, I found myself turning pages. Actually *gasp* ENJOYING “How to Win Friends”. And then… trying out my learning on my friends at school.


Because Carnegie was a master storyteller. He didn’t just say “Use people’s names, they react better when you call them by name” he TOLD a story of one of his students doing just that. And to this DAY 20+ years later, I make it a point to get people’s names, how they pronounce it, and then USE their name. And when I forget their name – because I’m a mom to two small humans and totally have names go in one ear and out the other – I ask them their name again. No embarrassment or shame on my part, because that story in “How to Win Friends and Influence People” has stuck with me for over two decades.
What if a story you share in YOUR book sticks with YOUR reader for life?

I can assure you, your acronym won’t. They won’t remember when to use the DANCE system or the HEART process or the HEALTH method. They probably won’t even remember what those letters STAND for.

But they will remember the stories you’ve told them – because stories tie into emotion. And emotion ties into memory.
You want to share your message with the world. You want to change the world of your reader – for the better.

Storytelling is how that happens.

And you can learn HOW to tell stories in Storytelling for Non-Fiction Authors: Learn to Write Captivating, Emotion-Invoking Stories that Keep Your Reader Turning Pages and Get Your Message Across – it’s the whole reason I created it!

Module 1: The Psychology of Story

Have you ever heard the chestnut ‘Facts Tell, Stories Sell”? It means that you can give your reader all the steps, processes, and yes, acronyms you want but all they do is TELL them information.

A story will SELL them into belief – and remembering.

We also look at when do you use story – before or after your teaching points, explanation, or the lesson you’re sharing. Getting this out of order can be the difference between a book your reader can’t put down and yet another book on the nightstand “reject reading” pile.

Module 2: How NOT to Be Boring

There’s a huge difference between telling a story and using a summary of events. We’ll dig into just what IS the difference – and when you should use each. We’re also going over the difference between story, testimonial, and case study so your reader keeps reading (and you enjoy the writing process.)

And what do you do when you don’t have a personal story to share? Here’s how to cultivate stories from other sources (research, clients, friends, anecdotes) that are still empowering to your reader and have maximum impact for your message.

Module 3: Creating an Emotion-Invoking Story

Stories do more than entertain, they make your reader feel. And having them feel, moving out of their head and into their heart, is the way to have your wisdom also move into their heart. This is how to stop being so academic and start sharing your message in a way your reader can absorb.

But just HOW do you do this? I’ll show you how to authentically create an emotion in your reader and how to use that emotion, so your reader is empowered to take action in their life.

Module 4: Truth vs Accuracy (what goes into the story and what doesn’t)

Every good storyteller knows that sometimes it’s not about what the story is but how you tell it. It’s not about the “facts” but about how the pacing and flow of a story impact the reader (or listener!)

Here we dive into how and when you can take Artistic License to craft a story that supports the reader on their journey – but that also may be bending the truth just a little bit!

Knowing the difference between truth and accuracy is the difference between a dry-as-dust summary book and a book that shares your message and allows your reader inside one of the truths of being human.

Module 5: Must-know Storytelling Techniques

Why do people love fiction? Because it’s fun! It’s engaging. And it shares part of the human experience.

You need to learn the must-know storytelling techniques that all fiction authors know – but non-fiction authors ignore.

Don’t worry! This isn’t a flashback to your high school English class where you had to diagram stories and toss around fancy literary terms. We dive into the top techniques that anyone can learn and that will resonate with your readers.

Essentially, I’m distilling my four-year Creative Writing degree, thousands of hours of writing workshops, and endless writing practice into easy-to-implement storytelling techniques any author can use.

Every single module will have writing exercises that you can do right away that will cement in your storytelling skills. It’s not about getting a lecture on storytelling, you need to practice your writing skills!

PLUS these AMAZING bonuses:

Bonus 1: Bonus Ticket to “Brew Your Book Live”
Happening April 9-11, 2022 in beautiful Prescott, Arizona. At this event, you’ll be surrounded with other authors for three powerful days. Bonus ticket includes daily breakfast, lunch, and snack as well as all printed event materials.
More details and travel logistics provided closer to the event.

Value: $997

Bonus 2: Exclusive interview with Kathryn Calhoun – Top Three Tech Tools Every Author needs
In this video interview with Kathryn Calhoun, we go into the top three tech tools every author needs to build their author platform, gather a list of readers who are excited about your book, and how to maximize your credibility and reach.

Value: $397

Bonus 3: How to Take a Great Author Headshot - With Stacey Lievens
Stacey Lievens (formally Canfield) a professional photographer with experience photographing some of the top names in the expert industry, including Lisa Sasevich, joins me for this exclusive interview about the dos and don'ts of your author headshot!

Value: $397

Bonus 4: 5 Steps to Bust Through Procrastination and Overwhelm and FINALLY Get Your Writing Done
It’s not your fault you’re overwhelmed with the book writing process – it’s a big project and there are lots of moving parts and unknown pieces. You don’t know what you don’t know… Time Matters Expert, Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking, shares why the projects you’ve planned to do slide into the next day still don’t get done and continue to hog space on your To Do list. How to bust through procrastination and how to take control of your time and tasks and stop the feelings of being weighed down, overwhelmed, and confused.

Value: $597

Bonus 5: Half-Day Virtual Storytelling Retreat
LIMITED TO THE FIRST 10 AUTHORS who enroll, you'll join me for a half-day virtual storytelling retreat. We'll do live, hands-on writing exercises with instant feedback from me that are designed to move your storytelling skills forward -- fast.

Value: $997

That’s over $3,300 in must-have bonuses!

“When you are setting out to write a book, it feels great knowing that Kim Eldredge is in your court. An experienced author and publisher, Kim always seems eager to share her knowledge with her clients and does so willingly.”


Or maybe you still have a few questions?

Q. I don’t write quickly. How long will I have access to the course?

A. Lifetime!

While we’ll have live training calls starting November 1, 2021, everything will be recorded and put in a password protected membership site for you to access – for ever and ever!

Q. $997 is a big investment. Why should I buy this course?

A. Because you’ll get a big transformation – and your storytelling skills will improve!

And yes, it is an investment. These storytelling skills will pay off for you again and again – in this book, in your blog articles, in your stage talk, in teaching your method, process, or system to your clients. Not to mention the long-term benefits your readers will get when they can actually REMEMBER your teaching.

You can’t really put a price on the transformation you offer your clients – so know that when you use storytelling to teach them, they’ll remember, use, and implement. (And they may even become a high-level client!)
To make cashflow a bit easier, I have added a 2-pay payment plan. But you’ve got to hurry – that expires October 28, 2021!

Q. How long does it take to go through the course?

A. This is delivered live over five weeks.

And then you’ll have lifetime access! For now, however, you don’t get immediate access to all the materials; you’ll get one live class a week. The recording will be in the password protected membership area within 24 hours of the live call.

Q. What if I can’t come to one (or all) of the live training sessions?

A. No worries! Everything is recorded AND you have lifetime access to it.

Q. I write fiction. Is this a good course for me?

A. Storytelling IS universal, but this course is targeted toward shorter vignette-style stories that are used to illustrate a teaching point, process, or method...

So, while you will definitely learn valuable storytelling skills, this course doesn’t over any fiction-only techniques like plot arcs or character development.

Now you may be thinking… 

Kim, this is sounding great. But how do I REALLY know that this is for me?

My dearest author, I get it. You are lovely and unique – and your message is precious. You’re ready to share it in your book.
So here’s who I (directly) had in mind when I created this course:

  • Message-driven authors who want to finally share their message so that they can help their readers.
  • Coaches, consultants, and mentors who want to put some (or all) of their proven system, method, or process in a book AND have their reader get great results – without any coaching.
  • Authors who want to use their book to build the know-like-trust factor with their readers – in the hope that a reader will someday convert to Raving Fan Client.
  • Authors who know they have a message to share but who are worried that they aren’t getting it across clearly enough – because they don’t know how to write compelling, emotion-invoking stories.

So here’s how
Storytelling for Non-Fiction Authors

As soon as you enroll, you’ll get:

  • Schedule of live training calls AND pre-call reminders (calls are Mondays 11/8 – 12/6 at 1:30 pm Pacific. Calls go for 60 minutes followed by Q&A.)
  • Log-in and password to the membership site where all the recordings will live
  • Within 24-hours after the live training, the recording will be on the membership site for you

PLUS, you’ll also get the bonuses right away! No waiting!

Refund Policy: This training is proven to work for those who implement it – and practice writing stories. If you don’t implement, I cannot be responsible for the lack of results you will get.

If you’re not going to watch the training, do the exercises, and practice your storytelling skills, then please don’t purchase!

“Kim Eldredge is absolutely hands down the best at what she does! She empowers me to tap my creative fire and write from my heart! I’m so excited to have written and published my first book with her guidance! She shared her expertise with my group coaching clients and blew us all away with her knowledge, advanced tips, and “real” delivery!”


Now imagine where you can be after Storytelling for Non-Fiction Authors…

  • After our five weeks of live training together, you will have the skills to effectively share your story – so that your reader is engaged, learning, and above all, REMEMBERS the principles you’re teaching.
  • You’ll no longer be struggling to come up with “examples” – you’ll know when to use a story and how to craft it.
  • You know exactly how to create emotions in your reader – no need to increase the drama or trauma.
  • You will know that your writing isn’t boring, pedantic, or too heavy. Your reader will keep turning pages.
  • You know your message is getting across – so you can help the people you’re meant to help.

Don’t let enrolling in Storytelling for Non-Fiction Authors be one more thing to think about. You’ve already been dreaming of your book for how long?

A decade? (Or more!?)

Enroll now, while you’re on this page. It’s offered for the approachable investment of $997 – but you can only enroll through November 7!

Do you need a payment plan? You can also enroll with a 2-pay through November 5.

AND for the first ten people who enroll, you’ll join me for a half-day virtual storytelling retreat!

Meet your story pathfinder.

Hi, I'm Kim. Over the past nine years, I’ve helped authors from around the world to finally write their books and share their message using my proven system.

Here’s what you need to know about me:

  • I’ve got a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona.
  • I have written over 20 books of my own.
  • I’m a best-selling author multiple times over including having a book hit #4 on the {paid} Amazon Top 100 list (out of ALL the books they sell.)

But most importantly:

I have a PROVEN system that allows message-driven authors just like you finally write their books. Without needing to get a degree in Creative Writing, take endless writing classes, have a year sabbatical from their job, business, or life.