Is Your Dream to Hold Your Book in Your Hands? But You’re Overwhelmed by the Publishing Process?

You’ve been dreaming about holding your book in your hands for… a long time. Maybe longer than you really want to admit to yourself.  

You know that to make that dream a reality, you have to figure out the ins and outs of publishing. You’ve done some research but you’re still not sure how to complete all the steps. (Or even what all the steps ARE!)  

Maybe this sounds familiar:

  • Once the book is written, how does publishing work? Do I want to self-publish? Write an eBook? Fly to New York to meet with an agent? I know this is down the road, but the unknown is contributing to keeping me stuck!
  • My book is almost done – but the “what’s next” questions are keeping me from putting the last words on the page! How can I figure out all the steps I need to take? 
  • I know I need an editor for my book – but I don’t know how to find one! What questions do I ask? When is the right time to hire one? What should I budget?
  • Once I publish my book, how do I promote it? How do I make sure my book is in the hands of the people who really need it?  

Take a deep breath - you’re in the right place.  

"Working with Kim to finalize my book and publish it has been one of the most worth-while and valuable endeavors in my life! I can’t imagine what it would have been like to complete the publishing of my book without her! Her skills and knowledge about all the minutia were phenomenal and made this a MUCH EASIER process than I could have ever imagined. Her expertise on editing and making things flow truly made my book not only an easier read for people, but also helped me deliver my message in a clear, concise way. She is an invaluable resource!"

~ Chris Schopen, Author of "When Your Child Discloses Sexual Abuse: A Step-By-Step Guide for Parents

If you’re like 99% of the people I work with, you’re committed to the idea of a writing a book, but you’re frustrated with the gap between wanting (needing) one, and actually getting it written and published.

You’ve spent time in the rabbit hole of publishing – maybe you’ve even tried your hand at self-publishing – and you’re still feeling stuck.

I’m Kim Eldredge – and I was the exact same way! I couldn’t even FINISH writing my book because I couldn’t see what the publishing process would look like. Even after hours on Google (so many hours) I kept finding conflicting information.  

Talk about frustrating!  

It was a little book – that had an important message I wanted to share. Why was it all so hard?  

Today, I’m a Best-Selling author and I’ve written and published 19 books of my own. Publishing went from something scary and unknown to something exciting! It can be for you too!  

Because I know your #1 goal – beyond writing the book – is to share your message and to touch the lives of the people who truly need to hear it. You want to help them, to guide them in a transformation of some kind, and your book is the perfect vehicle to do that.  

But you can’t do it if you’re not a published author.  

Introducing My 1-Day Virtual Event:

Edit, Publish, Launch 1-Day Virtual Intensive July 28, 2017 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Pacific 

"In talking to many of my colleagues, they tell me that they haven't tried to finish writing their book because they don't even know what to DO with it once it's done. 'Why write it if they won't be able to get it published?' they say. I always recommend Kim's event, "Edit, Publish, Write 1-Day Virtual Intensive", because she does such a good job of breaking down your publishing options so you know EXACTLY what to do with your book once it's written. Her clear, concise, no-holds-barred information takes the fear and the mystery out of publishing so you can confidently write your book, knowing you have a solid plan for what happens NEXT."  

~ Holly Doherty, Author and CEO of Rediscover Radiance

After spending tens of thousands of dollars in “how to publish” classes, endless hours of my own research – and making my own mistakes – I’ve curated the cornucopia of information about editing, publishing, and launching your book into something that’s easy to understand and utilize. This is the exact same information I use with my client and with my own books.  

And it works for 90% of the authors out there!  

This all-day virtual event is where I’ll go in-depth about: 


No matter how great a writer you are, all books need to be edited to make sure your message is clear, concise, and powerful. You owe it to your reader to honor their time by presenting them a well-edited book. We’ll cover:  

  • How to self-edit your work (so you save money when you go to a professional)
  • The three main types of editing – and how to know which your book needs
  • When and how to hire a professional editor and know you’ll get what you pay for!  


Crossing the publishing threshold is the way you finally share your message with the world! It can be the most confusing and complicated step in writing your book. So we’ll cover:  

  • The three publishing options and which is best for your book, budget, and message
  • The legal details to put your mind at ease and protect your book
  • Covers, layout, formatting, eBooks and beyond! (Taking care of the nuts and bolts of setting your book)  


Once your book is published, you want to share it with the world! After all, the point is to reach your readers and share your message. Having a book launch can be fun – or it can be a headache! This is the fun (and easy) way to release your book.  

  • How to have a book launch (and tips to keep the momentum going!)
  • The truth about being a Best-Selling Author
  • Marketing your book beyond the launch (and using it to build your author platform)  

I hold nothing back and we go deep into editing, publishing, and launching – with plenty of Q&A time too!  

Plus, I’ll give you these juicy bonuses:  

Bonus 1: "5 Must-Ask Questions for Your Editor (Before You Hire Them!)” 

All books need editing – and you can only self-edit so much. So before you hire an editor, here are the 5 must-ask questions to ask them. (And they’re not what you think!) Getting this cleared up while you’re interviewing editors can save you time, money, and headaches! ($97 value)  

Bonus 2: “The Dos and Don’ts of Your Author Headshot” 

Interview with Stacey Canfield, professional photographer from My Image Artist about the dos and don’ts of your author headshot. You’ll need this image for your book as well as for marketing, branding, and launching! relevant, valuable content to your subscribers! ($97 value) 

By now, you may be thinking, “Kim, this is just what I’ve been looking for to cut through the conflicting information around publishing and FINALLY share my message. So tell me - what’s the investment?”  

Great question! 

Let me ask you:  

Exactly how long have you been struggling?  

  • A month?
  • A year?
  • Three years?
  • Longer?


No matter your answer – it’s too long! There’s no reason to continue to struggle when the world needs your message as much as you need to share it! Imagine what it will feel like to FINALLY hold your book in your hands. That’s a priceless feeling.

I’ve got to tell you, this one-day virtual event is a $297 value. And it’s worth every penny to get you unstuck and into motion.  

"I took this course for publishing a cookbook. The material is amazing. I learned more in a few hours than in days reading "how to" articles. It helps having a real person, Kim, speak in real language."  

~ Andrew Rice, Author

Imagine what it would feel like FINALLY hold your book in your hands and to BE a published author!

I want to honor the time and money you’ve already invested in your book – so for a limited time...

You can come to Edit, Publish, Launch 1-Day Virtual Intensive for just $147.

Remember, this is a VIRTUAL event so you can attend from the comfort of your own home – no travel needed!  

Busy on July 28? The event will be recorded and you’ll have lifetime access! So this is really a no-brainer if you want to publish your book (sooner or later) and share your message!  

You don’t have to go it alone! 

Let me help you. All you need to do is get started. I’ll walk you through the editing, publishing, and launching process, step-by-step! 

~Kim Eldredge 

P.S. Whether you say yes or no, I really encourage you to MAKE A DECISION about it before you jump off this page. Please don’t let this be one more thing you need to “think about.” Nothing will keep you more stuck and frustrated than delaying decisions. So YES or NO? Trust that and move forward!