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Stop “Percolating” on Your Message and FINALLY Write Your Book

Recordings from September 21-23, 2021 | Virtual Attendance

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You have a message to share with the world…

You are uniquely gifted with a powerful message that will impact countless lives and change countless hearts – but you feel like nobody can hear you.

It’s time to craft your message to change the world – and deliver it through a vehicle that has the potential to move beyond you, to have a life of its own, to create a movement out of your message.

It’s time for your message to be heard.

It’s time for you to help people.

It’s time for you to FINALLY write your book.

But how do you write a book that will move people? How to you keep writing in the face of your busy life? How do you make sure your book will reach the people that your message is meant to touch? (And then make sure that they actually read it?)
Do you know, in all certainty, that you understand all the steps you need to take – and the pitfalls to avoid – to finally write your book?

Rev. Arlene Hylton

Before attending Kim's event I was not clear if my message was even needed in the world. With the exercises Kim gave us, realized I AM needed – and I’m clear about the benefits my clients will receive from my book, workshops, seminars, and one-on-one sessions. I’m excited to move forward in my movement!

You should be here because this event brings clarity and a deeper understanding of how you and your message is needed in the world.

What if you never had to struggle to write again?

When you attend Brew Your Book there’s no need for you to wonder if your book will have impact. There’s no need for you to struggle to find the time to write. And there’s no need to wonder if your message will be heard.

In just three days, you’ll learn how to write a powerful book that shares your message – without struggling to get the writing done.

Madeleine Eno

I think attending a Kim Eldredge-led event is a no-brainer.

Your mind is jam-packed with wisdom and you have a keen eye and intuition for what works and what doesn’t work in a book. You see through the muddiness of people's confusion. And you attract really interesting people to your tribe.

I really enjoyed the break-out sessions and making some new friends.

Does this sound familiar…


You want to write your book – and you want it to be easy. But you also want it to completely share your story so that you’re helping the people you’re meant to help.

You’ve tried the write-it-quick weekend seminars and you’ve purchased the “proven book formula” courses and fill-in-the-blank templates. And while you know those work for some people, they aren’t helping you write the book that you know you’re called to write.

What if writing your book CAN be easy AND you get to share your story in an authentic, powerful, well-written way?

What if you can be taught how to write your book, building on the writing skills you already have?

What if you didn’t have to feel like your only option was to hire a ghostwriter for a price tag of upwards of $20,000? (And yes, the best ghostwriters skills START in that range!)

That’s exactly why I created the all-new event, “Brew Your Book: Stop “Percolating” on Your Message and FINALLY Write Your Book”.

This event is where I bring my best book writing system (and advice!) together WITH hands-on writing time and feedback AND the knowledge that you’re starting your book in exactly the right place.

Joining me allows you to learn exactly how to write your book – in just three days.

And no, you’re not WRITING the whole book in three days. Can you imagine how exhausted your brain would be and how much your hand would hurt?!

Because, my fellow author, you just CAN’T write a book – a message-driven book that helps people – in such a short timeframe.

But what you can – and will – do is know that you have all the tools you need to make it happen. Including on-the-spot guidance about your writing.

Brew your Book.

Access Recordings from this one-of-a-kind 3-day virtual live event where you will learn:

🗸 The steps to uncover your powerful message so you can move your readers – and change their lives.

🗸 Exactly how to write powerfully and easily – even if you think you’re not a writer or struggle with expressing yourself in written word.

🗸 What needs to go into the book and what doesn’t so that your reader feels that you understand them – and are here to help.

🗸 How to deal with procrastination, writer’s block, overwhelm, and lack of motivation so that you’re able to keep going – moving forward and making steady progress – even if your inspiration gets derailed.

🗸 My proven method to consistently finding the time to write no matter how busy your life is!

🗸 How to engage your readers – from the first page – so that they keep reading, and so they recommend your book to their friends.

🗸 How to share your message in a way that your readers will remember – even if they forget the steps of your process, acronym, or system.

🗸 Why writing a book is the best way to be seen as an expert – and how having a book can open doors to interviews, speaking gigs, and more clients.

🗸 And more...

Right now, you’re struggling to write your book.

Maybe you’ve done the start-stop, start-stop, start-stop thing for YEARS and all it’s netted you is a handful of pages. Or maybe you’ve written a whole draft – but you know that it isn’t really what you’re trying to say and you’re stuck on what to do next. Or maybe you know you’ve got a book on your heart – and you have no clue what it takes to write it (or what comes AFTER the writing!)

Imagine if writing your book could be simple!

Now let’s be honest: Writing a book does involve effort. It’s not like you say, “I’m gonna write my book!” and BOOM 30,000 words appear on your computer hard drive.

It does require work and effort. But it doesn’t have to be So.Damn.Hard.

Imagine if you could stop second guessing yourself – your writing skills, the structure of the book, the message you want to share, or if writing a book is “worth it.”Imagine if you could be confident about your book – the message, the writing, and where you’re headed. Imagine if you could KNOW that your book was exactly what your reader needed – and that you were helping them through your message.Because writing your book can be simple, easy, and fun.Yes, REALLY.

  • You can write the book without struggle.
  • You can write the book without writer’s block.
  • You can write the book without self-doubt and impostor syndrome creeping in.
  • You can write the book without putting your life on hold.
  • You can write the book without spending another year in the “wishes and hopes.”

And it all starts at the recorded 3-day event: Brew Your Book: Stop “Percolating” on Your Message and FINALLY Write Your Book .

Hi, I’m Kim Eldredge.

Over the past nine years, I’ve helped authors from around the world to finally write their books and share their message using my proven system.

Here’s what you need to know about me:

  • I’ve got a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona.
  • I have written over 20 books of my own.
  • I’m a best-selling author multiple times over including having a book hit #4 on the {paid} Amazon Top 100 list (out of ALL the books they sell.)

But most importantly:

I have a PROVEN system that allows message-driven authors just like you finally write their books. Without needing to get a degree in Creative Writing, take endless writing classes, have a year sabbatical from their job, business, or life.

You’ll leave Brew Your Book with a knowing how to write a compelling book that will share your message – and transform lives. You’ll also walk away with a customize writing plan so you have confidence you’ll actually write the book (instead of just talking about it!)

Remember, this is a virtual event – but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to come for every session. Because there isn’t just “lecturing” – there’s also lots of hands-on writing time AND feedback from me too.

Brew Your Book Content:

Day 1:

Your Message Matters: Uncovering Your Message so You Can Help Your Readers

Day 2:

Storytelling: Using Emotion-Invoking Stories to Get Your Readers to Feel, Grow, and Remember Your Message

Bonus Session

Evening Session: Publishing Your Book and Getting it in the Hands of Your Reader

Day 3:

Creating the Writing Habit: Overcoming Writer’s Block and Procrastination so that You FINALLY Write Your Book

Brew Your Book is for you if:

You’ve been dreaming of a book and want to have a streamlined path to writing it – without struggling!

You want to know exactly how to write YOUR book – not a formulaic or templated book – so that you can share your message, help people, and grow your audience.

You’re ready to invest in your writing and FINALLY write your book!

No matter where you are in your journey to writing your book, you will walk away with your custom writing plan to uncover your message, write your book, and share it with the world!

What the event isn’t:

  • It’s not about producing a formula book that is heavy on fluff and empty of real message.
  • It isn’t how to create a book as a sales page or a “big business card” – those don’t work and certainly don’t share your message!
  • This isn’t a “Bestseller Factory” that uses sketchy techniques to hype a $0.99 eBook to “bestseller.”

Sounds great, right?..

NOw, let's talk bonuses:

Bonus 1: Top 10 Tips to Market Your Message to Bestseller
This is how you go from “passion-driven” to a person with a platform. It’s the difference between whispering in a crowded room and being seen on the biggest influential platform there is:

Value: $297

Bonus 2: Exclusive interview with Kathryn Calhoun – Top Three Tech Tools Every Author needs
In this video interview with Kathryn Calhoun, we go into the top three tech tools every author needs to build their author platform, gather a list of readers who are excited about your book, and how to maximize your credibility and reach.

Value: $397

Bonus 3: How to Take a Great Author Headshot - With Stacey Lievens
Stacey Lievens (formally Canfield) a professional photographer with experience photographing some of the top names in the expert industry, including Lisa Sasevich, joins me for this exclusive interview about the dos and don'ts of your author headshot!

Value: $397

Bonus 4: Host a book signing event blueprint
Learn exactly how to have a successful book signing event. While online promotion is awesome, nothing beats the heart-to-heart connection of meeting an author in person! Not to mention that these type of events are absolutely media-worthy!

This includes:

• How to secure a (free) venue that can’t wait to host your book signing
• What supplies you’ll need – it’s more than books and a pen – plus a budget calculator
• Media templates so you can get local press coverage for the event
• How to move them beyond “just the book” and into your sales funnel

Value: $997

Total Bonus Package is valued at $2088.

My friend, it’s time to stop playing small, stop watching opportunities pass you by, and stop dreaming of writing your book. It’s time to FINALLY write your book so you can change the world.

Now is your time. You owe it to yourself and to the people you’re here to serve.

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Or maybe you still have a few questions?

To help you decide if this event is right for you, I’ve included below some of the questions I get asked most frequently, and my answers:

Q. Where is this event?
A. This event is virtual! And it's already happened.

You'll get instant access to all the recordings of all sessions.

Q. Is this another “read the slides” style event?
A. Absolutely not! This is all live teaching.

No PowerPoint in sight (it drives me crazy!) And when you register by August 31, 2021, you’ll get an Event Welcome Kit that will include your printed and bound course book.

If you register after August 31, you will miss out on the AMAZING Event Welcome Kit but don’t worry – it’s an EXTRA, not something REQUIRED for the event. Any participant can download the course book.

Q. Will I have to print a bunch of stuff?
A. There is a beautiful course workbook you'll want to print!

I have a beautiful course workbook so you get the most out of your attendance. You'll have the option of printing in in full color or black and white.

Q: With all the events going on right now, why should I pick this one?
A. Let me ask you this: how long have you been trying to do this on your own?

Months? Years? Imagine what it would be like to actually KNOW how to write your book so that you can reach the people you want to reach.

We’ll cut through all the mental clutter, overwhelm, and anxiety to get all your questions answered around your message, how to write a compelling book that people want to read – and share with their friends, and how to actually fit the writing into your life. Plus, you’ll walk away with a clear “going-forward plan” so you’re empowered to make 2021 the year you FINALLY write your book.

Q. Why can’t I just wait for the 2022 live event?
A. Are you SERIOUSLY even asking me that question?!

First off: you’ve waited long enough to write your book. Waiting another year is just… silly.

Secondly: who KNOWS what the next year will bring. While I want to have an in-person event in 2022, I can’t guarantee it. And if you wait for the 2022 in-person event, you’ll have to deal with all the travel details.

Bottom line: take action. Your message is waiting – and it’s time to FINALLY write your book.

Q. What if I’m just getting started and I’m not totally clear on my book yet? Should I attend?
A. This event is going to be PERFECT for you!

I welcome authors anywhere in their journey – but I LOVE working with authors who are just getting started.

If you’re just thinking of writing a book, this event will give you direction so you can get started the right way.

If you’ve already started writing – then you want to come to make sure you’re able to stay in motion, know that you’re writing a compelling message, and you don’t get stuck.

Q. I write fiction. Is this a good event for me?
A. No, it’s not a great fit for fiction, picture books, or children’s book authors.

While you’re welcome to attend, this event designed for non-fiction books including how-to’s, memoirs, cookbooks, teaching books, self-help or personal development, etc.

Q. What about publishing my book once it’s written? Are we covering that?
A. I know that publishing your book is a top priority so yes, I’m devoting time to questions around publishing options, costs, and timeframes.

So, NOW are you ready to reserve your seat?

Meet Your Event Host: Kim Eldredge

Your Story Pathfinder, New Frontier Publisher, and Bestselling Book Strategist

Best-Selling Author, Kim Eldredge is Your Story Pathfinder, New Frontier Publisher, and Bestselling Book Strategist. She works with message-driven authors to FINALLY write their books so that they can share their message with the world.

Kim is the founder and CEO of New Frontier Books, a comprehensive solution that takes authors from idea to written book to marking an authentic, business-building Amazon best-seller. (No $0.99 Kindle eBooks here!)

She holds a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona and has written 20 books, including an Amazon #4 bestseller, (out of the top 100 books in any genre).

Kim lives in Northern Arizona with her husband, Ben, and their two children. The family enjoys backpacking, hiking, and camping. She’s a true outdoors girl and loves having adventures – the fuel for her creativity and writing!