Do you struggle to be more creative?

Are you always second-guessing yourself?


You want to be more creative and enjoy the process…


Yet… you’re feeling stagnate, stuck second-guessing ALL your ideas and efforts, and generally feeling blah.


This impacting your ability to:

… write your book?

… market your services?

… enjoy creative hobbies?

… come up with new ideas?


Guess what!?


You CAN boost your creative juice without pain, expensive supplies, or going to an “artist retreat.” And reap the rewards of no longer feeling uncreative, unmotivated, and generally STUCK!

I'm Kim galloway:

Author, artist, and mom of three creative kids.

Creativity hasn’t always come easy to me – especially when I’m tired (three kids), stressed (I’m an entrepreneur), or generally in a funk (really hard to coach my writing clients.)


Here’s the thing I finally realized:


Inspiration is fickle.


Let me say that again:

Inspiration completely comes and goes. And when it’s gone… creating ANYTHING from a story to a sales page, from a new painting to dinner feels HARD.


I’ve learned how to stop waiting for ‘inspiration’ and to cultivate creativity no matter what is going wrong (or right) in my life, business, or artistic practice.


Cultivating creativity makes me a better book coach, I enjoy my art more, and even semi-creative things like feeding three hungry kids 16 times a day are just… easier.

And I can teach YOU how to tap into your creativity – at any time – regardless of inspiration (or motivation!)

You DON’T have to be an author, artist, or creator to benefit from Boost Your Creative Juice – my all-new training.


Because Boost Your Creative Juice is a brand-new training, there are no testimonials for it just now. But here's what my clients have to say about my process...

“Kim is an excellent coach, who cares deeply for her clients' success and who has been through the process many times herself.”

~ Kristen Nolan

“I was pretty well resigned to the fact that at 77 years old, my productive years and my dreams were behind me, with a very limited future in front of me to look forward to.


Kim not only shows you how but inspires you to actually do it!”

~ Dale Anderson

“With my creative juices bombarding my brain like a slice of hot, flaky, rhubarb pie, topped with a smidgen of vanilla ice cream, on a cold winter evening. It’s a lot to take in.

It’s sweet and tart, cool and hot, crunchy and soft all at the same time. The brain is delightfully overwhelmed.”

~ Pangeline Edwards

Oh, and just in case you are worried

Being creative has NOTHING to do with…

Being crafty.

(I don’t keep toilet paper tubes as a “just in case” a craft project strikes!)

Being artistic.

(I spent all of my 20’s and 30’s not drawing or painting but was still creative!)

Buying expensive supplies.

(You probably have everything you need to boost your creative juice at home right now!)

Being creative DOES mean:

Noticing and getting out of your rut of stale old thinking, habits, and beliefs;

Being open to new ideas – without judgement of being a “good” or “bad” idea;

Slipping out of your comfort zone so you can FEEL the creative juices flowing;

Letting go of judgement – creating for the sake of the process; not the end result.

And the best news?


ANYBODY can become more creative!


You (yes, you!) can reconnect with the ease of being creative and from that place, generate tons of new ideas, embrace the fun of creative play, get out of your rut or slump, and get BACK into motion on that project that has stalled out.


Because when you stall out on a project – writing a book, creating a course, coaching clients, making art, shooting videos or reels – you NEED a way to tap back into your creativity and find the joy in what you’re doing.


(Truth bomb: tapping BACK into your creative juices even helps with the mundane aspects of life like organizing a closet, cooking meals, or yard work.)

When you Boost Your Creative Juice you:

  • Get unstuck on your projects! (This can look like writing your book, creating your course, marketing your services, etc.)
  • Engage in better problem solving for yourself and others. (And that’s always a plus at your job or in your business – especially if you’re a teacher, coach, or consultant.)
  • Learn the world doesn’t END if you do something new (and maybe a bit scary!)
  • Have more fun!

Do You Have A Few More Questions?

Will I need supplies?

You’ll for sure want your pen and notebook to take notes!

But other than that, you won’t need supplies for the training. I’ll provide you a list of things to keep in your “Creativity Juice Box” to cultivate to keep you aligned with your creative juice.

Will I have to be on camera? (Or be creative on camera?)

Nope! I 100% will NOT put you (or your creative efforts) on the spot to create on the fly. You can totally come in your PJs.

Who is this live training for?

Anybody who wants to boost their creative juice – of course! But that might look like:


  • Any type of author (non-fiction, fiction, poetry, children’s books, etc.);
  • Artists or creatives of any medium;
  • Video creators;
  • Coaches or entrepreneurs who are feeling in a rut;
  • Anyone who needs to come up with fresh ideas and is finding the “Idea Well” empty.

What makes you qualified?

In my coaching business, I work with non-fiction authors to teach them the ins and outs of storytelling to share their message in a powerful way. Much of this training has been cultivated from over 10 years helping these authors tap into unknown wells of creativity to tell their stories.


Not to mention… I’ve got over 20 books of my own that I’ve written and published AND I’m a watercolor artist.

Ready to boost your creativity?


It’s time to sign up and learn how you can boost your creative juice – NOW and anytime you are feeling stuck. It can be easy. It can be fun – I’ll show you how.